In the Winter of 2012 Dark Island Spirits began experimenting with the process of maturing distilled spirits and wine by imparting pure, un-distorted, musically generated vibrational waves inside oak barrels. Our goal was not to accelerate aging, but to mature spirits and wine in an entirely new manner in conventional 53 gallon barrels, over the period of years as normally associated with each different product category.

By the January of 2013 we had perfected a device, "TIIME" (Tactile Immersed Isolated Maturation Engine) and protocol (Musical Maturation) that when combined, created a "Liquid Speaker". Spirits and wine in our "Liquid Speaker" barrels, imparted with different artists and genres of music, began to immediately show changes in flavor, viscosity, color and aroma. We then set up several "boring control barrels" (with no music) along side identical barrels being Musically Matured, and filed our initial patent in 2013.  

We thereafter began to post our initial results on the Web and in some minor publication, while being careful not to give away developing trade secrets. We entered our first licensing agreement in 2013 with Annie in the Water, and later Jane Espie (The Phantom Piper) paying them a license fee for each barrel of spirits Musically Matured to their original music. As time has progressed we as a Craft Distillery have continued to produce our Whiskeys and Brandy in-house from grain and fruit to glass, as we have waited for our products to complete their Musical Maturation cycle. The Long Wait !

By 2014, and only after submitting our original patent applications and testing protocol to the TTB (ATF)  we were allowed to label the front of Distilled Spirits bottles as "Musically Matured" and we are actually required to place on that label, which artist or genre of music the spirits are Musically Matured to. All of this in line with the Federal CFR's which prohibit any false or misleading information to be placed on a Federally approved spirits label. Kind of makes you wonder, "if it doesn't actually do anything, why are we required to note the actual artist or genre on the label?"

Don't confuse our process and equipment with putting a speaker on the outside of a barrel, or for that matter sitting on the porch playing a banjo to a barrel of moonshine. Our process and Liquid Speaker is real science with incredible results.

Our directly immersed device, which is vibration isolated from the barrel wall, imparts unadulterated musical highs, low's and mid-ranges into the liquid, while keeping the barrel relatively inert and vibration free. These wave forms developed with the precise tones and frequencies of the original recordings, interact with exceptional sheer-force against the static barrel walls. These complex liquid waves result in the spirits or wine being driven in and out of the barrel walls to varied depths and spread with precise vibration intensity, depending on the music selected, and "amplified" if you will, by the barrel wall not vibrating or vibrating at a different frequency. 

Of course while this has all been happening, word  slowly leaked out about our process and awards. We now see products coming to market by "pretenders" and I don't mean the band, who typically buy their spirits already aged for years, who then put a speaker up against a barrel and "Viola", patent pending custom spirits aged to music. Well we are sorry, but that just isn't so.  Exterior "Sonic Aging"  was actually developed by Ralph Erenzo at Tuttletown Distilling. It is a tried and true "Rough Cut" bulk vibration protocol for small barrels, but completely unlike our products and protocol which call for years of pure, immersed (Hi, Low, Mid-range) Musical Maturation.

Naturally there are always "downsides" to any endeavor, especially for  something completely new and unique, and in the spirit of full disclosure we are herein revealing our two major problems:

First, many times we have "old school" Bourbon and Whiskey drinkers try our various offerings in our tasting room, who say the same thing: "I miss the burn" or "It doesn't burn enough"!     To which we say, "that's precisely the point".

Second, we have sold out virtually every drop of our product that has hit the 3 year mark. Our sales have outpaced our production and Musical Maturation protocol, and we must now continue to wait for more products to develop. We have additional distillation equipment on order and no, we didn't say we have bulk purchased, pre-aged alcohol on order. Going forward we will attempt to keep up with demand however the process is slow and arduous, due to our actually completing the entire process from grain to glass, in-house. 

Not only does our process dramatically alter the Wine and Spirits but as the license holders of the "Musically Matured" Process Trademark, and the only distilled spirits company allowed to market products as "Musically Matured" with the name of the artist or group directly on the front label, we can provide the discerning public the only true "Taste in Music". 

We are now offering the ability for artists, distilleries and wineries to work directly with us, to bring more "Pure Musical Taste" to the consuming public.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about bringing your own True Taste In Music that only Dark Island Spirits can provide, by licensing our Liquid Speakers, TIIME machine (Tactile Immersed Isolated Maturation Engine) and Musically Matured Trademark to your products.

Please also note that we are currently providing Liquid Speaker services to companies on a confidential basis. Individual clients reserve the right to keep said information concerning the development of their products confidential.