How it works

Liquor historians have known for years that some of the best whiskeys and rums were produced in the 1700 and 1800's, when transported long distances by wagons or in the hulls of ships. The journey to a perfect flavor just begins when it goes into the barrel and Rum always tasted better at the end of a voyage!

The transportation often took months and during that time the liquid was constantly moving.  Those spirits had much more depth of flavor and viscosity "mouth feel" compared to the same spirits that were statically aged.  With this knowledge, we set a course to develop a technology and process to "move our spirits".

Tactile Immersed Isolated Maturation Engine, or TIIME™,  is a patent pending device which allows us to Musically Mature™  our products. This device and process uses music to creates liquid waves inside the barrel, forcing the liquid outward into the wood, for far more barrel/liquid interaction.

Each of our Bourbon, Brandy, Rum, Whiskey and Specialty Spirits, are Musically Matured™ to different genres of music. The specific genre is shown on the label of each product. We welcome you to join us in our tasting room to try our spirits, as well as enjoy a free tour upon request.